Startups workshop Valuation and Business Development

This Thursday, 4 I will be at 18pm in the Madrid International LAB Madrid Emprende talking rating Startups:

THE 4 LAWS: What the valuation of a company is based? You can evaluate a startup or a company developing and high potential for an objective and professional manner??? It will air the 4 laws that help us to value our company.

THE METHOD: It will come to explain the methodology of discounted cash flow and capital cost concepts, residual value, SHOOT, Post-Money, Pre-money … so it can understand a non-financial.

CASE STUDY: From a practical case we will make an assessment of the entrepreneurial project.

Custom queries: Attendees will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about how to apply the model to their own company or entrepreneurial project.

NETWORKING: Opportunity to talk freely about public funding in a relaxed atmosphere.

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